shoes in the kids range of Juicy Couture

California and initially when they launched their fashion label. they wanted to make it affordable forJuicy Couture bags everyone! But things changed fast and now it is one of the most exclusive    labels available!The brand took of virtually overnight when the ladies thought it would be cool to send Madonna one of their track suites! They had Madge embroidered on it. and although they rarely useJuicy Couture store the "Madge" slogan now! It did the job! Madonna liked the track suit and was seen wearing it. and the rest as they say is history!
In the beginning the brand was quite limited. they did not have their own flagship store and there line was marketed though various big name department stores! Now they Juicy couture salehave their own flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York as well as stores in. Texas. Atlanta. Washington DC. Chicago. and wait for it!!!!Kuwait. Jakarta. Kuala Lumpur. Beijing. Hong Kong. Milan. Tokyo and Shanghai!

It is not only shoes in the kids range of Juicy Couture. you will find clothing. belts. hats and scarves. book bags. jewelry. watches. case wallets and so much more! The kids are clamoring for this range. they absolutely love it!Although Juicy Couture has found itself in trouble because of the slogans they use. then never stick to Juicy Couture outletanyone slogan! However parents and various organizations have objected to the fact that they have the word "Juicy" sewn across the seat of the pants and have mention that it could be perceived to be provocative or sexual in nature!

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