Gucci Handbag replica effectively organized a series of fashion show

At the same time, the person in charge of the  Gucci Handbag replica cooperation very unpleasant. Pompidou cultural center in Paris on January 23 this year will be held in his spring and summer 2002 fashion show, and St. Roland was unwilling to wait until after finishing the exhibition and then retreat to public opinion in France, which fully reveal the holy ? Roland frustration and unhappiness. 1936, 21yearold became popular St. Roland was born in Algeria a French aristocratic descendants of your family, the father is a successful businessman, the mother is very sociable. Followed by defeat and the Elf ? Sa Nuofei cooperation in 1993, its operating deficit of higher fashion year after year.

San Roland will be the only child at home, grew up interested in clothing. The age of 17, St. Roland came to Paris in the same year won the design competition organized by the International Wool Secretariat gold medal. He soon entered the French fashion business and became acquainted with all the fashion guru Christie Dior, and soon was appointed as chief style designer of Dior style company. In 1957, Dior died suddenly, the 21yearold San Roland immediately take over the work of Dior, to become the worlds most prestigious style houses Diors artistic director, and effectively organized a series of fashion show.

Outside of work, St. Roland always away from the crowds, the current head with the American classic old Brooks Brothers  Gucci bag replica  hmaking. away from society, his personal life situations in a group of mysterious smoke. Over the years, However, persons can always see his passion into the style in San Roland. In the minds of several French individuals, St. Roland is a real flesh and blood on the style designer, will be the pride of your French style market.Really a bit difficult to be in the room fantasy drove Heating light and graceful spring and summer, thanks for the webcast and wonderful picture tells us that the spring and summer of 2006, held in Milan, Paris, London fashion publishing how wonderful.
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