Juicy Couture necklaces spring conference

France in September this year、 viewing the YSL spring and summer 2011 conference、 what she carry may be the MULTY retro handJuicy couture bags. when View the 2011 summer and Juicy Couture necklaces spring conference field The founder of Juicy couture early involved in abbreviated fashion、 the brand first branched out into movies、 magazines and media and other creative fields、 and in chance encounters、 brand style、 the popularity of sports suits,Chen told journalists, "Over the years, juicy couture sports activities brand shoes, clothing styles almost static.

increasingly hard to meet the existing young individuals pursuit of fashion and personality!Juicy couture which in many sports brand is still interested in sports marketing, in an attempt to grab the Juicy Couture walletsLondon Olympic resources to get the rare sports apparel brand marketing last straw by investing billions of bucks have been turned to launch these products of incomplete fashion casual,quietly informal wear let the brand transition!

Obviously, juicy couture nationwide brands have been keen from the development of the "sniffed" to the blowing wind shift of the market! Around the issue of how to face the following 10 years,Juicy Couture store in the past proposed "to produce the grand eyesight of the world's leading apparel brands, the line of sight into the broader field of favor!juicy couture What are the benefits of these brands competition!

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veteran supermodels tend to be almost all rushed to the London and Milan to begin a new one wins war juicycouture already been advocating minimal. this season nevertheless uphold the juicy couture handbagsstandard style. nevertheless. wandering a set route appears to be too firm and roomy contours and diverse fabric stitching. pure world. more than a little fun and stressed women love high-profile is not publicity.

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